Still from "Citizen Kane"
Still from “Citizen Kane”

Hello everybody.  Welcome to my movie site.  I am well aware that there are thousands of movie blogs all over the internet.  Hopefully mine will offer something unique.  Unlike many movie buffs and film fans out there peddling their judgements and criticisms, I take a more scholarly, historical approach to reviewing movies.  I’m interested in cinema as an ever-evolving art form with roots in music, poetry, literature, painting, and photography.  I am also a filmmaker myself, so I look at movies from many technical and aesthetic aspects.  My site will offer thoughtful responses to movies currently playing in theaters and to classic movies that I am watching at home.  By classic, I mean gems from Hollywood’s Golden Age, essential art house and foreign films, silent pictures, 70’s and 80’s blockbusters, and even contemporary films that have already garnered immense popularity, critical esteem, or exhibit artistic value. So please stop by my blog, comment, and if you’re impressed, please recommend my work to friends and family.  I will try to post a new article every week.  Thanks so much!  I look forward to some heavy debating.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. Hey. I’m not sure how I would do that yet, possibly soon. Right now, you can comment on the individual reviews. I’ll have one posted on Prisoners published in the next few days.

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